Business Finance*

We appreciate that the economic climate for businesses has not been so favourable and that some business owners have found their banks have been unsympathetic to their situation. We hope that one or more of the business finance facilities that we have available can start to put a smile back on your face.

  • Capital Allowances
  • Merchant Cash Finance
  • Business Insurance

Capital Allowances

A tax relief on plant or machinery in a property, especially after refurbishment or on purchase. A specialist can identify significant savings that your accountant may not have done.

Property purchases over £500k could qualify, especially in the leisure and health care sectors, but also offices, retail and industrial.

Call us on 0207 183 3703 for an initial enquiry and the option to be referred to a specialist valuer.

Merchant Cash Finance (PDQ machine)

If you take in excess of £3,500pcm and over 25 payments pcm, then we have a provider willing to lend against future income from your card machine. You receive a cash advance which you pay back as you receive income through your machine. Less business and you pay back more slowly; more business and you pay back more quickly – a facility that works with your business flow.

Call us on 0207 183 3703 to see if this could work for your business.

Business Insurance

The most vital aspect of your business is… YOU! Without you, what would happen to the business? To find out more about insuring the key person in your business, go to the business protection page.